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Idioma: inglés

Páginas: 304

Tamaño: 30 x 23 cm

Contents (en inglés)

  • albert adrià, la dolça, ticket’s sweetest ring
  • rené frank, a pinch of madness and a high dose of good sense
  • scott green, nice, balanced, possible… happy
  • angelo musa, the thrice-crowned king
  • gustaf mabrouk & hans ovando, knocking borders down
  • damien piscioneri, bright, luxurious, refined
  • william curley, classical refinement
  • futoshi hashimoto, enclose every flavor the ingredient has
  • antonio bachour, shockwave
  • nicolas jordan, ice cream at the center of discourse
  • jean-marie auboine, ‘I want my customers to continue experiencing ...’
  • philippe rigollot, with studied simplicity
  • brian campbell, feeling the land on the plate
  • yann menguy, the peaceful evolution
  • tetyana verbytska, cultivating ukrainian haute patisserie
  • philippe segond, ‘for the french, pastry is a full-fledged art’
  • jérôme chaucesse, ‘to obtain the title, you have to ...’
  • christophe renou, ‘this distinction is not an outcome but ...’
  • julien boutonnet, ‘I decided to take courses in sophrology ...’
  • tidbits
  • yoshihiro narisawa, japan, epicenter of all things
  • alex atala, brazilian spokesman
  • grant achatz, blurring the lines between sweet and savory
  • juan mari & elena arzak, sweet sensationalism
  • benoît violier, best of both worlds
  • la fabrique givrée, subzero cuisine
  • biagio settepani, the soul of new york’s pastry

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